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Campbell, United States

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Welcome to the portfolio for Travel Photo Factory. 99% of these photos were taken by Michelle Miller. You can view our photos of extraordinary places here, but if you wish to make a purchase, please visit for instructions on placing an order. Currently, we offer matted prints, framed prints, postcards, greeting cards, and large stickers. You can also find merchandise at and

Travel Photo Factory’s new website is under construction and grows a little every day. We currently sell prints and merchandise out of Serendipity, a chocolate shop on Arroyo Ave. in San Carlos, CA. Photo classes and travel planning assistance are in our near future. :)

Feel free to e-mail us at

Travel Photo Factory
Michelle & Jeff Miller

You can find more photos and artwork at

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LightSource in San Francisco, CA

So I am getting prints of a couple of paintings from a company called LightSource in San Francisco. I just have to say that they verge on the edge of perfection and I have had a super awesome experience with them. They will be featured in San Francisco’s Groupon soon. Definitely check them out – especially for pro color matching and ultra-large prints on all sorts of photo and fine…
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First day of moving photos and putting up new ones

I moved a few photos from the account that I’m turning into just my art and design and art-related photography and I uploaded a whole bunch more photos. After a few hours of uploading, I am only about 1/3 of the way done. There’s some great stuff, so please come back again and visit! / -Michelle Miller
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