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Chester, United Kingdom

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To The Bone is a small team of dedicated shredsters, creating designs inspired by what we love doing for those who are also addicted to life on wheels. Find out more by visiting our page www.facebook.com/shredtothebone.

  • Joined: November 2011


Suck My Deck

I was happily skimming through Facebook the other day when I saw a video from a BMX magazine that shall remain nameless. It showed a rider doing a 360 and crashing into a scooter who was basically just standing still, waiting to go. And all the hate was piled on . . . guess who . . . yes, the scooter. I mean FFS, what is this all about? This isn’t isolated, either. There are scores of …
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Shiny and New

The holiday season is always fun and it’s good to get out and shred if you can. Of course, there is a limit to where you can go (especially in the UK at the moment) with the weather as unpredictable as it can be. If you’re as lucky as us and have an indoor skate park on your doorstep (props to The Boneyard in Chester) then that’s where you’ll be, more than likely. Me an…
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Caster Characters

Today we decided to make a caster board. As yer do! Well, actually it was my co-designer Theo who decided he HAD to make one. Caster boarding is something we’ve only dipped our toes into (I have yet to try it out), having had a go on a friend’s shop bought one; a Razor Ripster (slightly smaller than the full-on Ripstik). Theo loved it and has put one on his Christmas list this yea…
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Unfair press for stunt scooterists?

At To The Bone we shred. Plain and simple. We love extreme sports and we do as many of them as we can fit into our schedule. Those that we don’t do we’d love to do as well, if we only had the time and money. So as generalists rather than specialists, it seems mystifying that the stunt scooter should suffer such a bad reception in the shredding media. The term ‘Scooter Rats&…
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