An adventurous union stagehand, IATSE Local 107, I seek new places, parks and excitement to celebrate life through photography.

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“Bob Moore is a non-traditional photographer residing in Oakland, CA, USA. A lifelong sojourner of our National Treasures, Bob has mainly focused on both State and National Parks in his pursuit of personal peace and happiness. "These one-of-a-kind places are so beautiful and precious that you can’t help falling in love with them, says Bob. These Parks are our national legacy. They are a singular gift that we must respect and preserve for the generations that follow. We need to be responsible and honor them with a commitment toward eternal sustainability.”

I prefer my Nikon D-80 because of the weight factor invovled in cross-country travel and back-country hiking. The wide range of lenses is perfect for adventure travel. But I also carry a Kodak 7meg point and shoot to cover my rear when a shot is needed but the Nikkon isn’t set-up at the moment. I also still have my ol’Canon Rebel, an Olympus and a Minolta 35mm but shooting of film isn’t as economical for me at this moment. Digital has become extremely cost effective.

I would like to thank Green Tortoise Adventure Travel for unique opportunities to experience and capture our National Parks.

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