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My name is Sean Bodley. I try to be as open minded as I can and am always open to what anyone has to say. I enjoy art quite a bit in all of its aspects. I love to make art, look at art, destroy art, and think about art. Art isn’t the only thing I am interested in, but as it turns out I see pretty much everything as art whether it is the coffee cup I’m drinking out of or the tissue I blow my nose into, so I guess I am pretty much only interested in art. Aside from drawing, painting, photography, and building things I love to be outside, play music, read, be with friends, and ride hippos with a sac of bricks hanging from my left hand.

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  • Age: 26
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I want to say thanks to all the people coming up with some amazing feedback and support for this work I have on redbubble. I have to say out of the 7 or so different online art communities I’ve been with you guys are certainly the best, both in insight and in talent. You guys rock!
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Ramble Bramble

These last few weeks have been quite busy/stressful. I began my quest, some would call it, to begin making art as a means to make a living. To me it is a constant weighing of pro’s, con’s, possibilities, time, and money. I’m always pondering whether I should get a ‘real job’ to prepare for the next semester of school, cushion money, because so far I haven’t …
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