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New York, United States

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Good News

Linaji is back as co-host of Vavoom. Lina’s been on RB more and more lately, commenting, and adding work into her groups. So I called her today, and she talked about wanting to start creating again. We spoke of the groups we hosted together, and I’m thrilled she decided she wanted to come back to co-host Vavoom with Donna and me.

More Good News
My work, Alison is on RB’s Found Page today. Love the exposure, thank you, RB.


  • wolftinz
    wolftinz9 months ago


  • Thank you, Wolf!

    – tori yule

  • Donna19
    Donna199 months ago

    Welcome back Lina and congratulations dear friend on beautiful work.

  • Thank you, Donna. It’s going to be fun to have Lina back with us!

    – tori yule

  • linaji
    linaji9 months ago

    oh wow that is good news!! congrats!!!!!!!!! such a wonderful work of art Tori and so glad to be working with you both over at Vavoom!

  • Hi Lina! Your presence on RB of late has me smiling, and feeling so good. Donna and I are thrilled you wanted to rejoin the Vavoom team. You are such an asset, as a friend, host and lover of art and words. Looking forward to seeing your feature selections on Saturday. You’re working hard already, what with 14 new members, and their beautiful art in our gallery. Great work, Lina!

    – tori yule

  • billyboy
    billyboy9 months ago

    Rock & Roll !!

  • ans we are!!

    – tori yule

  • Vitta
    Vitta9 months ago


  • Thank you, Vitta!

    – tori yule

  • Kathilee
    Kathilee9 months ago

    Welcome back and congrats too!

  • Thanks so much, Kathilee

    – tori yule

  • Lynn Gedeon
    Lynn Gedeon9 months ago

    Wonderful news!!! Welcome back!!

  • Thank you, Lynn

    – tori yule

  • Renate  Dartois
    Renate Dartois9 months ago

    Welcome back….

  • Thank you, Renate

    – tori yule

  • buttonpresser
    buttonpresser9 months ago

    Yay welcome back Lina, and that image has been one of my favourites of yours. Glad to see it getting some well deserved exposure


  • Thanks so much , Dave. I appreciate your comment on my work as well.

    – tori yule

  • devotee1
    devotee19 months ago

    Wonderful news! Congratulations!

  • Thank you so much, Joe.

    – tori yule