The Patient Raven by Toradellin A Disgrace – poster for my neighbours I take solace in the axiom, empty vessels make the most noise. Whispered But in the hearts of those / Who sheltered for a while / Grows an acorn of great virtue / While she lives in us we smile. Silence Silence in the meadow / Silence all I find / Silence in the world / Screaming in my mind Misunderstandings about Depression It would be nice to live in a world where those of us who suffer depression are not told, “Cheer up”,or even worse, “Harden Up”, as if tha… When You Need Help by Toradellin Fringe Dwelling I was already in the worst of pain / When you chose to employ disdain / As response to my withdrawn ways. / Schadenfreude is what you prais… The Field And as their laughter dies on the wind / They never see the man that grinned. Until it is time for me to go There was a child inside of me once. / I lost him between my dreams and my days. The Lady of Hazel Grove Rowan tree and Hazel bower / Lily, Rose, and Jonquil flower, / All the fauna as does the flora, / Honour the Lady o’ Hazel Grove Unicorn Lost Rowan tree and Oaken bower / Lily, Rose, and Jonquil flower / All the fauna as does the flora, / Honour the unicorn on his way Gentle Harmonies (1996) When I died, they lay me in a field, MOONLIGHT (1996) Ripples, indistinct as lost memory, / Flow out from the intuitive mind leaving bright shadows Dreams Falling (1996) Thence and now / Leaving everything unsaid, / I listen and let things pass / And float in dejected silence / As I wonder on existence. Silent, still, and alone. (1989) Golden waves of yellow grass roll across the field. / Ripples blown by the wind / In their wake sits a person… silent, still, and alo… The Levitational Nirvana Banana The Levitational Nirvana Banana / Floats Through the air, Dressed in Lightness of Spirit (1995) Drifting back I see the page and wonder, / What to write next. Nothing The days and hours pass by / Wandering one after the other / I think, “where are they all going?” / As though they had a purpos… Alone Have you ever felt alone? / That poverty of being, / The echoing sorrow / Which cries that you do not belong. Beating of the Stick The terrible, terrible, terrible thing / That wandered through the streets / A herd of Morris men who could sing / With bells above their f… Fenrir’s Moon The age of man, / Or the age of moon? / When Fenrir calls / The ape will fall. Howl at the Dark… So fully consumed / by loneliness , stark, / I become the black dog / and howl at the dark.. Explanation of The Four Breaths of Danu The poetic verse form I’ve used in “The Four Breathes of Danu” is based on the skaldic verse forms used in the Old Norse sagas such a… The Four Breathes of Danu Born to breathe | forth beauty / Into a world | of darkness / The Alfar | bring forth light / Unto the dull | unenlighted.