Fort Worth, United States

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I started in photography in 1983 when I purchased my first Nikon FG 35 mm camera. In 1991 I upgraded to a Nikon 8008s.
In the fall of 1992 I received my certificate of graduation for Professional Photography from The New York Institute of Photography.
The following year I started doing weddings for friends and family and progressed to model glamor shots in natural light.I

In 2004 I bought my first point and shoot Sony 3.1 MP digital camera. Actually I purchased it for my Dad but it was too high tech for him so he gave it to me. Then in 2006 I purchased my first Digital SLR Camera the Nikon D50.
These days I now become very spoiled with Digital Photography compared to how 35mm was more challenging.

Today I finally invested in a outstanding new Nikon 7000 Digital SLR camera. This time I plan to be much more serious especially since most of my lenses are interchangeable. I also added a MB-D11 battery power pack and a ML-L3. Remote Control Transmitter.
So about me:
I am a avid video gamer on Xbox Live. I bowl in a league and my average is around the 190’s.
I exercise and eat healthy to maintain my energy and body weight. .
My next hobby is my motorcycle, Us Gemini’s get bored easily so we usually have more then one hobby. :)

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