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Ten New Features

January has been a very promising month for me to start the Year 2010. Ten of my works have been featured by seven great Groups as follows:
N0. Work title – Group
1 – Pensive – Islands of the World
2 – Farm Window at Mtahleb – ImageWriting
3 – Farm bits and pieces – Olympus and Four Thirds Group
4 – Farm bits and pieces – a’ EUROPA
5 – Wrong Stall???? – European Everyday Life
6 – Watchdog’s Window – Windows and Doors
7 – Harbour Fishing – European Everyday Life
8 – Home with the Hay – European Everyday Life
9 – Eggs and Veggies – Still Life Photography
10 – Farm Produce – Still Life Photography
Furthermore I have had the honour of being chosen as the Featured Artist of the Week by the Windows and Door Group.
Kindly permit me, dear friends to thank all the Hosts and Moderators of these great Groups for the honour, and all of you for your support. Finally, please accept my apologies for not visiting this great site as often as I wish or used to, but I’ve been quite busy lately with research studies for assignments in relation to my course for a Diploma in Fine Arts.

Journal Comments

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