Literary heroes are James Stephens, Harold Pinter, Louis-Ferdinand Celine (despite his poltics), William Faulkner, Marcel Proust. I write fantasy short stories and am working on a novel, hoping to learn from other writers through mutual critique. Am also here to appreciate the visual art on RB some of which is very evocative and inspiring. I live in Woodend, Victoria, Australia

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Musings about the characters in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

Viola/Cesario / Viola is passionate. Despite her grief, she is quickly stirred to love for Orsino I.4.43. She disapproves when she sees Olivia block her own passions, under the influence of a comparable grief, I.5.182 / Viola shows herself as intrepid and resourceful as soon as she hits the sands of Illyria, deciding, upon the moment, that if the grieving Countess is unlikely to hire her, she mig…
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