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CRITICISM II "The Revenge"

Thank you all for your interesting and intelligent comments.
Further to some of the comments left, I thought we would come up with our own system for allowing criticism until Redbubble can include a button, which was suggested by Zeanana and Coralie to tell people to leave constructive criticism.
Let’s leave a CP in the tag line of any photograph which we are happy to have real criticism.
I understand some people are here to sell, and that’s understandable they do not want criticism on a sales item, I too would like to sell, but to me it’s more important to improve.
I thank all who left comments both for and against, all were very helpful, I hope this is a sensible solution, I thank Steven Sandner, Coralie, Zeanana, jeff burns and all who helped with this solution.
i look forward to criticising all of you.

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