Salisbury, United Kingdom

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Eh… time to put some words together.

Love images. Been at it for 30 years. Working mainly in film with Zeiss optics, and now 645 medium format, and with some digital.

Getting there slowly ,,, Hope you enjoy & thanks for vising !!!!!

“currently uploading fuji finepix S3 evaluation images .”

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crop circle sighted -- alton barnes.. wiltshire.. uk

heard on swindon radio -
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a poem for the lonely and other assorted musings,,,,

A poem for the lonely / HELLO !!!! Spike miligan (RIP) / Ah well all done here, Thats the last couple of weeks images uploaded…. / And couple of web sites to up updated. so its back to the boat, where th roads don’t go over bridges, only cows.. / Im sorry if my images are a bit boring, but they are all based around the boat or within walking, or bike distance….. What y…
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Sorry all -- web access --impossible most of the time

Sorry all — Really busy printing — and getting daz boat up and running for the season… Web access crap on the cannals….. but the living is real easy mmmm / Hope you are all well!!!!
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Fuji S3 Evaluation. -- upload

So much for getting all the India images uploaded. sorry.. ongoing issues of computer access. ( my family keep nicking my machines and breaking them) So Ive bought an Eeepc .. now this is a cute bit of kit….. but more of this later. / so its January im megga pissed off, supplier and hardware problems, and Issues with the boats electrics and heating means i have not been on board for an…
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