Ever since Tom Ward was a little boy he has loved trains. Always able to draw, these two passionate loves are combined in detailed pencil drawings

After a lengthy career in the road transport industry, Tom now resides in the beautiful community of Lambton Shores, near the Canadian Lake Huron shoreline. From the domicile, Tom now devotes himself to creative expression…..drawing and writing about trains.

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Sincerest appreciation is expressed to the hosts of the groups here, that I am privleged to belong to, There is such an array of talented individuals, it is almost overwhelming / It would be remiss to not acknowledge the honour I have been humbled with, to have some of my works ‘featured’ in these fine groups: / Graphite Pencil Artists – ‘Palmerston Local’, 14 Apr 09…
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Welcome Aboard!

Greetings. This is a wonderful site, and gratitude is sincerely expressed for the kind encouraging comments. The cross section of talent on this site simply awes me: it would be a full time job just to keep abreast of it all. / Cheers! / Tom.
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