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“Little Kitty Tales” / Perfect was the sound / Never spoken word / Depth smile within / Playgrounds absurd / Laughs unmentioned / Dance pro… “Passion” ’Passion" / Passion directed, born of simple birth / Anger cultivated spawn of little worth / School battle overcome, sheep stat… ‘Forest Song’ “Forest Song” / Hushed were the whispers, pines caressed by wind / Invited soft encourage, with in forest walk beginned / Fragrant was the … ‘Coalfire’ Coalfire’ / Whispered winds, calming voice / Embraced always, freedom choice / Rhythms fired strength in develop / Understanding embr… ‘Train Journey’ ‘Train Journey’ / She was just a wee One, didn’t have a ticket / Curious fear evident, She approached wicket / Nonchalant… “Steam” / Moonlit plays awaken / Dawn lightened brings / Nurtured song held close / Symphony two quiet sings / Held close, instrument dear … ‘He Wore a Black Hat’ never ridden / always wild / spirit child “Leaks” / Taps leak annoy drip harass / assault audio, tourniquet pass / steam passion direct simple flow / piped in smile steel spirit lam… ‘Maple Tree’ White blanket aside slow laid / Sun kissed days longer stayed / Life blood coursing leafless trees / Unfurled soon fresh new leaves / Warm… ‘My Valentine’ / Loving / reminiscent sweet / candy calls tasted wings / hungering violin concerto / playing / together / conqu… Dancing at midnight, gentle soft foot prints / Invited dreams awakened heart upon imprints / Subtle smile graceful, elegant dream entrance … “Glass Menagerie” ’Glass Menagerie" / Child play / wandering why / timeless marvel observe / playgrounds shifting sands message left / our glass Inspiration created to right / thoughts about the Tundra. / Succinctly, in imagery, / the northland is a beautiful / kitty cat, that simply… “Cold Cash” (humour) ‘Cold Cash’ / Some hear the whistle blowin’ / Wonder what’s that sound? / Run over by a Brink’s truck / On th… “Sweet Cake” “Sweet Cake” / How can one demonstrate, patriotism played? / Soldiers embraced worded, for freedom stayed / Decorated internet … “Oak” “Oak” / Gentle spirit contained, muscles taught, worked well / Massive strong trunk, boughed leaves from, never fell / Scholared not, confi… “Law Schooled” “Law Schooled” / Youthful idealism, law school fought educated / Dreams desired fulfilled, injustice eradicated / Long nights spent studyin… “Flames of Desire” “Flames of Desire” / Flames of sunset coloured hair, flow softly to your waist / Dreams revisit pleasant, your presence kindles, overtakes … “Music” Come to me, my darling, from nightmares cease / Pleasured dreams fragrant, moonlit dark release / Play for me, my darling, release me from … “Rose” “Rose” / Grasping garden tools, pleasure within thought / Music calmed in bird song, labour pleasant wrought / Magic unfolds fragrant, from… “Unforgiven” Townspeople never venture in, and of never spoke “Cash” “Cash” / A thousand miles / endless train / love lost / timeless refrain / Whistles echo / chords solid pound / homage paid Cash / freedom … “Camelot” “Camelot” / here you really belong / fortress mortared castle strong / ball room lit candelabra embrace / fine clothed smiles, … “Conductor” “Conductor” / He is the conductor, conduit eclectic / Self perceived genius, gifts ever expect / Playing games with others, never in well /… “All is Well” “All is Well” / Angered manic, genius self perceived / Failed accolades, goals never achieved / Stupid sheep, government in lead / Frustrat… “Wild Concert” “Wild Concert” / Morning awakened, songs softly call / Wilderness part of, pines majestic tall / Rhythms dawn embraced, new day begun / Lit… “Ebony” “Ebony” / It is not in daylight, sunny skies so clear / Pasted smiles, squelched memories dear / Apple blossoms, springtime suburban deligh… “Marching” “Marching” / Marching, steadfast, rhythm heard / Moonlight glistened, unspoken word / Marching, dogged, in step mired / Horrors visited, me… "Passionate Spirit" by TomWard “Garden” “Garden” / Precious / Rose another / name secrets always kept / flowerbeds blooming colourful / © Thomas M. Ward, All rights re… “Goal” “Goal” / Sultry wisps pleasure endure / Difficult obtained sweet pure / Teasing, tantalizing delight / Lighted ember end orange bright / Sl… Untitled..just for laughs Greetings: just an attempt at satiracle humour. / Enjoy. / :) / Tom. / “Love Poem” / Kitties, puppies and guinea pig / Fantasie… ‘Blossoms’ There are apparently flowers. / Seldom seen from ivory towers / Existing still blown stalwart wind / Seedling strong from beginned / Admir… ‘Opened Box’ “Opened Box” / A box of crayons, may I draw? / Use of colours, experience saw? / Imagination drawn boxes square / One dimensional, awed una… Wolves “Wolves” / Steeled engaged thought treasured keep / Pacing, uncaged stared bleated sheep / Forest floors concreted penned without / Pacing,… “Moonlight” “Moonlight’ / Lighted quiet is the lamp, moonlit coloured hue / Dancing stars o’head in misty darkened blue / Awakened spirits … Incapable of love thought, cold not to respond / Fired gentle passion, throttle held most fond Dreams She is standing still, yet restless, mane of silken hair / Demeanor strong confident, dancing standing there / Her eyes twinkle mischievous… Little Strong One Curious the wee one, sitting still happy unafraid / Smiling is Her countenance, upon the platform stayed ‘Little Green Lights’ Winter’s cold frost fingers in fear desire succumb / Alone, stood stalwart platform, attempted heart numb 'Crossfire' by TomWard 'Nightmares' by TomWard “If Only…” “If only..” / If only I had known, at five years age / Storybooks read from, stupidity in rage / Aunt would be my uncle, if she had balls /… ‘Character’ “Character” / Colouful the character / Bright orange flowing hair / Dancing at the precipice / Invited foolish unaware / Drawn lines sleek … Distance “Distance” / Distance overcome / Steams toward insanity / Uncharted journey / uncharted journey / unbeknown heart calling / drawing moths … “Jail Break” “Midnight Special” / Darkness calls from damp cold stone / Imprisoned felt barred all alone / Whispered silent status quo implied / Shatter… “Empress” Marveled Her beauty reflected morning rain / Reflections painted murmured at window pane Her countenance coloured blackened call / Shivers caused fearsome perceive small / Mighty cauldron cooking fears bled mist / Running fearfu… Knighted not with carried sword / Tarnished armour sought reward / Bleating murmurs stolen breath / Silent tortures stoking death / Mercile… Polished blackened moonlight shone / Saddled silent beckoned prepare gone / Excitement anticipated knighted ride / Mare snorted groomed ex… “Lenoir” “Lenoir” / Sunsets slow extinguish / Moonlight to relinquish / Silent opaque scowls / Spirit untamed howls / She is Lenoir. / Silken mists … The Train Journey by TomWard Calendar Curtains “Curtains” / Curtain calls, blown whispered wind / Tobacco smoke, stained tantalized sinned / Sultry, moist, warm caress unfolded cape / Mo… Steel “Steel” / Murmured content in rhythm, balanced forest floor / Creatures harmonious, restless spirits soar / Heart beating rapidly, anticip… ‘Inspire’ ‘Inspire’ / Inspire me, sun set colours painted / Eyes unwavering dance passion stated / Inspire me, gentle hands held played /… ‘Command’ “Command” / Strong passioned spirit, ribboned not hair / Curved strength seductive eye seen aware / Fired boilers relaxed fuel comfort sere… “Players” “Players” / Playing with a Baby grand / One never, mere night stand / Caressed gentle stroked keys / Passioned pleasing release / Soft hera… ‘Northland’ ‘Northland’ / Granite hard Canadian shield / Pastures not domestic yield / Fruits of labour resources / Rivers beauty run cours… ‘Howling’ Softness of the voice unrestrained pleasing howls / Demons sent scurrying, mastered in earth bowels ‘Sun Sets’ “Sun Sets” / Coloured winds of youth blown sunset hair / Spring time mounted upon, travel silent, unaware / Multi coloured rainbows release… ‘Baby Grand’ ‘Baby Grand’ / Silent stood still quieted, longed for release free / Straight edged with craftsmen built, on which to flee / Lo… ‘Warrior’ ‘Warrior’ / Valiant is the warrior unhidden in mask / Diligently fought toward that higher task / Weary though embattled, deser… ‘Timeless’ ‘Timeless’ / Impecable Her timing softly whispered call / Sailed seas of mediocrity in waves o’ sand to fall / Delicate t… “Freely” One spirit am I blesswd with, though legions abound / Legions are but angels, in my strength surround “Kitty Tales” “Kitty Tales” / Purring heard not gentle, but silent the sighs / Imprisoned dark stone walls, upon my spirit cries / Saddle have I mounted… ‘Dance with Me’ Small the caution, gentle held, racing ’round the curves / Laughter erupts spontaneous, each to other serves ‘Northland’ “Northland” / Sudbury, golden the nickel / Lunch box packed in pickle / Stompin’ Tom, stolen pies / Howls sacred of wolf cries / Dies… ‘Soft Edges’ “Soft Edges” / Rough around the edges, / Headlamp shining bright / Curves gentle slowed upon, / Bringing sweet delight / Razor sharp intell… “Let It Be” When the whistle is not wetted, an’ bell hollow rung / When fuelled not the boiler, rythym goes unsung / It tasks upon, and labours, … ‘Station Platform’ “Station Platform” / Cold winds blew away whistle sound / Dusting frosts shivered silence found / Longing lost depart good byes kissed / Ne… “Snow” “Snow” / Painted frosts delicate noticed / Window panes unseen pleasure / Inviting soft comforting white / Snowflakes tasted naively / Chil… “New Journey” Traveling new destinations excited / Day dreams rocked on rails invited ‘Porcelain’ “Porcelain” / Regal standing, space her own / Shimmering, shining, stood alone / Care is given, care well received / Majestic beauty all in… ‘Strong Empress’ Sleek lines provocative sensual / Impatient with experience small Train Wrecks Oh how can music be played! / Train wrecks on theatres stayed! / Caressed soft on moss soft dew! / Mourning, left, halted start anew! / Oh,… Space Exactly always distance same / Reality close perspective claim / On horizons in raised head view / Distance joins one together two Released Sensual Her form, unhidden grace / Sweet curves exciting along silent trace “Flow” “Flow” / Brass buttons shined, polished shined black / Safe heralded departure train side at track / Confidence whisper encourages sunrise … “Cake” ‘Cake’ / Majestic bred evident regal face / Smooth sleek lines desired trace / Hand holds dream invite toward / Awestruck beaut… “HORIZONS’ “Horizons” / Distant shines the headlamp, horizons on moons new / Powered in soft hues, silver shined, prominently blue / Close…
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