New York, United States

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So I’m basically a hardcore Saggie. Life is my freedom and I embellish it at every turn. Though, as I age I adhere to being more responsible, I still remain as fluid as a galaxy of cream in my morning cup of coffee. Traditionally, I’m an optimist and though this might blindside me at times it has also has allowed for an unmatched perseverance and overzealous passion for life. Right now I work as a graphic / web designer among various other projects involving fashion and technology that support my lifestyle.

  • Age: 33
  • Joined: July 2007


tomo no journal.

Well if you think about it there is quite an ivory tower of sites where you can set up a profile and go through these mimetic echos until your on every site on the net. I figure instead of creating a tsunami of entries for the journals attached to these profiles… ok this is pretty boring, no? haha, thats my blog. if your interested give it a go. / be well always 0^_^0.
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