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Scattered Starks Shaded

Scattered Lannister Silhouette

Fate Stay Night – Saber Silhouette

Tekken – Jin Kazama Silhouette

  • Hi everyone my name is Tomer, as you can see most of my work is a fan art of popular Animes, Movies, TV series and Video Games, I respect Copyright and Trademarks and all of my works are made for the fans of these popular products.
    Any right holders to the characters appears in my fanart may request to remove the artwork in question.

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Back to business

Hi there! / For the last year my activity level here was pretty low. / This was because i took a long vacation and traveled around the world :). / Now i’m back full of ideas and muse, and ready to upgrade my collection. / First step is to add to my top-selling works (mostly t-shirts) some iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cases. / Feel free to send me requests, comments, anything. / :-)
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