Sarina Tomchin

Sydney, Australia

Artist / Designer / Cyclst,runner,swimmer / mum. wife. cleaner. cook. taxi driver.

Callala Beach adventure race

we drove down Sat night, the team, Peter, PJ and I, up at 5am (start of daylight savings). there was a beach sprint to determine which teams started at what time. A 4km sand run, onto the Kayaks for 12km’s (gotta say PJ paddled the 3 of us around, he’s so strong and stroke rate too fast for Pete and i…..i DID steer!) and then after tieing some knots ( a challenge) we were allowed out onto our mountain bikes. It was an orienteering race with challenges thrown in (some very weird ones, thong throwing, stilt walking…. but you do whatever it takes to keep going) at the halfway point it was on foot, some bush bashing then back onto bikes. we were going for 6 hours, i went thru 4 litres of electrolyte/water. we were in the top 5 a lot of the way but ended up 7th overall/5th out of the mixed teams. Felt great, was heaps of fun and team was fantastic, no hassles or problems. Few orienteering mistakes but considering we’re pretty new to it we can only improve. covered in cuts, blood and mud from the bush. drove home after race, 3 hours and felt good. feeling great today. Gong Ride next weekend. I’m doing that on the road bike.
Love this weather, the cicadas singing, clear skies, heat & humidity. Aaaarrrgh, it’s the best.The only negative being swarms of flies….PJ reckon’s we should just eat em for the protein. i did accidentally suck one down after a hard run and there was much involuntary coughing, heaving and dry retching to no avail, it wasn’t going to come back out. It felt like it was in my throat all day.
Still on my first painting back, a big canvas of Palm Beach wharf and it’s looking good. I was given 2 big industrial sewing machines last week and they’re sitting here in the studio taking up a lot of space. I have to reorganise. This’ll make the sewing a lot faster i hope, they’re just dangerously fast and scary. Got a service man coming soon to show me how to use them after he’s serviced/fixed them up.

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