i love you

my kyla left three days ago….i feel like such a horrible mom. if i were better i coulda made her hear me without hollering back at her. she does’nt understand why it got out of hand. i dont understand either. she was yelling i was yelling and then her stepdad got into it. he never says anything until my kids disrespect me. i think since she turned 17 she has looked for a reason to leave. it’s not easy being the oldest of 7 and your mom always broke. kyla has 2 jobs and making honor roll….i’m sooo proud of her. i never ask her for money and rarely take it when she offers. i’m so scared she’s not ready for bills and all the problems that come with leaving home. all i can do is pray for her to be safe i suppose! she is a good kid…..kyla please come home…i love you…mom

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