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Magic Spells On Teevolt.com

Get my Magic Spells Shirt for 12$ at www.teevolt.com for the next 5 days. / It will be available in many different shirt colours.
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Magic Spells on Qwertee.com

Hey everyone this is to let you know / that you can get my Magic Spells tee for / only €10 on February 1st at www.qwertee.com
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Magic Spells on Teefury.com

Hello everyone this is to let you know that on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 my Magic Spells Tee will be printed on Teefury.com and you can get it for only $10 so mark the date :D
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Gaming Tees

Hey everyone this is to tell you know that I created a new Group called Gaming Tees http://www.redbubble.com/groups/gaming-tees / A place for all the gaming tees in Red Bubble and for all the gaming geeks out there:D / 1) Tees only no iphone cases / 2) High quality works only your best works / 3) Gaming related works only / 4) Digital works only / 5) Have fun :)
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