granted i apply to everything ugh

Felt like i hadnt been doing the leg work since august when the very gracious lyman eyer gallery signed and started to rep me.

A Few competitions and galleries for showings here and there and some out on the west coast shows ,, cold calls now and again, and virtual hand shakes. My fools courage has gotten a little comfortable just painting, which,, well is nice, i will admit.
So here i am and am approached with what should and might very well be spam , mail ,, a " call to artists" from well,, www artistwanted .org. I usually delete them, I figure, god they are so greedy and pushy and what if i get accepted , will i even remember i applied ! When i was submiting i kept such crap records of who and when the dead line is and if i had to check the site to see and half the shit goes in junk mail any way and when mixed in there with my,, erection spam and my porn spam and my other crap it gets hard to fish those fuckers out . That doesnt even count the amount of time you have to resize the pics to 1920 and 300 dpi with a 2 mb max, and dashes not dots between titles name and ,,,,,,,,,,,, jezzz cant they have a universal entry code for all " call to artists" . so now my computer is jammmed up with pics that are all resized and yes submitted, to a imaginary competition in a imaginary place. My ego is half way happy that i got off my easel and did something while the other half says your a idiot, its a scam and your gonna forget.
My point ,, yes i had a point , i am in a,, generic, probably bogus art competition , yes i will admit the winning piece may infact end up on a wall in some barn in,,, Newbrunswick Idaho for a month but ,,, i am putting out a call to my red bubble friends,, to support the lunacy , and push a star on the link i have included . Sweeet, and feel free to tell me how stupid i am or if you have a site that might be better than mine for " call to artists " .
so now that i have made it allllll about me , i am good at that , granted but im only 2.5 years sober and they refer to it as a slow moving program,, i will turn it ovber to you.
I want everyone to enjoy this season try to,,, try to drop the story of so and so and how they did this or that. or why your man smells like doritos when you open his pants while you judge him , just drop it and breathe, feel your heart,, ya,, we all have it and we all want to feel love and light. I wish all the love and light, serenity and peace to everyone . not only this time of year but when ever you can feel it.

oh oh the link ya , here we go

thank all
hugs tom

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