Rob Milsom

Rob Milsom

Brierley Hill, United Kingdom

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Tokuri ¹ tok’ri, pro. alias for self-proclaimed ‘artistic cretin,’ Rob Milsom. (see also tkri)

tokuri ² tok’ri, n. a struggling photography student with more imagination than capability.

tokuri ³ tok’ri, adj. stupid, unecessary.

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  • Age: 26
  • Joined: October 2007



I recently made my 20th sale. / Didn’t take that long :p / Only about four years.
Posted about 4 years – 1 comments


I’m thinking I ought to come back here. I miss it.
Posted about 4 years – 2 comments

Yay :3

Today, I made my tenth sale on RedBubble! Wahey! / I’d like to thank everyone who supported me and bought stuff. It means a lot to me =] / I’d also like to thank my family, and all my fri- Urm… Got a little carried away, there.
Posted over 6 years – 8 comments

Hello there...

.. I’m baaaaaack! >:D
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