What we treasure.

I was walking with my grandson to the nearby New Season Store one day,
Making sure he didn’t trip over, and tried to walk with his pace.
I remembered my daughter said to me one day,
“Mom I remember when I walked on the sidewalk with you when I was a little girl,
you made me walk farther side from the street and I asked you why? You said
“Because when a car accidentally ran over the curb and hit us it would hit me first”.
“Now, Mom I walk the side close to the street and protect you.”


  • Nicole  McKinney
    Nicole McKinney12 months ago

    So sweet! Wonderful that you have a daughter who treasures you!

  • Thanks Nicole. life is precious.

    – TokikoAnderson

  • donnamalone
    donnamalone12 months ago

    love and caring ripple through your words and paintings Tokiko

  • Thanks donna. I lived to paint the feelings. It is the gift I have been lucky to accomplish.
    From now on I must make them available to who need comfort and take their burden off their shoulder.

    – TokikoAnderson

  • Carol and Mike Werner
    Carol and Mike...12 months ago

    How lovely, Tokiko . . . definitely words to treasure.

  • Thanks Carol and Mike. That was what all Parents do to protect their kids. It was common sense to me but hear that from my daughter with love toward me was touching and more touching that she understands what it is to care for who needs.

    – TokikoAnderson