In Recovery from depression and feeling lucky to be alive, I make fun, simple, friendly gifts for people to share with their loved ones and celebrate their lives together. I also love to find and promote the original work of other Artists; to spend my days inspired by the beauty of creation and the imagination of others.

A little bit about my Photography:

If you have the time, take a moment to browse. Maybe one of my photographs will stand up and sing for you.

For me, photography is about sharing my eyes with the world. It is an intensely intimate act to show another what you see; to struggle to capture what you find to be beautiful. I find beauty in the very striking, monumental and picturesque, but I also find beauty in the mundane, ignored and functional. To truly capture the elevation of the eye-catching and elevate the subtle of the passed-by is the ultimate test and responsibility of a photographer.

As you browse my store, you’ll notice that there are relatively few photographs. To my mind most of the photos I take are journeys, not destinations. I only sell my very best work.

  • Age: 38
  • Joined: May 2010