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TV tea

written in 1979ish
Copyright ToastedGhost

TV Tea

The TV crackles into action
Spewing it’s contents into the room
A man sits jabbing sausages
From a greasy plate
Red sauce drips
From fat lips to chips
As the TV gasps and gurgles for attention
Selling you its distorted dreams and illusions
Amongst the packets of DAZ and other free offers
He finds another sausage
Taking his knife
He splits it from end to end
And out pops the Six O’clock News
Todays sick and tragic disasters
Lie slumped on the end of his plate
Angrily his fork swoops down
with all the speed of a rattlesnake
Impaling a Cambodian refugee through the stomach
She lies there limp and helpless on the end of his fork
Imagination takes a bite
Buts it’s too hard to swallow
Horrified he tries to spit it out
Again his fork plunges
but this time into his own head
and stabs a thought
He screams in agony
As reality strikes a painful blow
He staggers of into the bedroom
To a chorus of “Whiter than white”

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The TV sits beside us
Friend or foe
Aid or manipulator?


poem, poems, surreal, toastedghost, tv


  • atomikboy
    atomikboyover 6 years ago

    TV is my Friend!!!!……doesn’t talk behind my back.

  • JenniferB
    JenniferBover 6 years ago

    wow. powerful imagery… i don’t even watch tv.

    Todays sick and tragic disasters
    Lie slumped on the end of his plate..

    yeah, skyhooks, horror movie right there on my tv…

    best song ever.

  • bites
    bitesover 6 years ago

    1979ish? how relevent this still is……

  • ToastedGhost
    ToastedGhostover 6 years ago

    Thanks guys

    According to research children watching TV enter states of meditation
    When 2 groups of children had their brainwaves measured
    one set in a room with a TV on
    the other in a room with blank walls
    the blank wall childrens brainwaves were acting very creatively
    the other set were in mediative states

    you will never see the world the same again

    and thats a promise

  • pryere
    pryereover 6 years ago

    I hate TV.

  • William Jackson Irish
    William Jackso...over 6 years ago

    LOL!!! this is flippin awesome! I hate tv…well except the discovery, science, and history channel once in awhile….and thankyou for posting the link to Zeitgeist! i have seen it about 30 times and actually ordered a bunch of copies of it from them. GREAT film!!! everybody must watch it! great job ghost! high5 for you!

  • Narin Ismail
    Narin Ismailover 6 years ago

    …. this is wonderful… love how you put all in together…very detailed and well kept… i love my tea and my tv…… super

  • JenniferB
    JenniferBover 6 years ago

    My son gave me the link to the zeitgeist movie. You’re right, it changes your world view for sure.

  • Cheryl Grover
    Cheryl Groverover 6 years ago

    he wouldnt pass the Daz doorstep challenge then. hahaha

  • ToastedGhost
    ToastedGhostover 6 years ago

    The stuff I used to write about the box

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