Thank you but the wars not over yet........

The Oxfam competition is over a big thanks to all who voted for me.
Is it just me or can anybody be bothered voting these days
the winning entry only received 32 votes with friends and family that can only be a few outside votes
The London’s Calling Competition 3 years ago the winning entry then received 178 votes! So whats happened?
Is it worth voting?
Should I bother entering?
Why bother getting up?
Why bother breathing?
This was an important (and still is) campaign aimed at raising awareness of an almighty injustice a staggering 1 billion people go to bed hungry each night! and yet in my local village of Holmfirth in the UK the local little tapas bar this Saturday night took £5500.
Does that sound fair to you?
Want to help?
A simply way to help is to buy a lifestraw. Using this simple device a child can drink fresh water from polluted sources for a year. That could save their life.
EXPENSIVE? NO. It cost no more than a bottle of red wine.

Save a life
thanks again for listening

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