Co host needed

I am soooo busy right now. I am looking for one or two highly motivated people with a lot of time to help out in Rural America ( I will rename it to Rural Living soon), Birds and Creatures of Flight, and Light and Reflection. Julie Langford left me Ultimate Reflection without any notice. Until she returns, I need help with that as well.

Faizan—I may need to be a host emeritus for a while in the Challenge Cafe. If this is not possible, remove my host rights.

I am just so busy with work right now, and I feel that the groups I host are being neglected.

I have only sold one card on Redbubble, so it is hard to devote so much attention to a location that doesn’t pay the bills. I hope I have more time soon. I LOVE THE BUBBLE!

Thanks, My Redbubble friends!


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