I live on a beautiful tropical island off the coast of Northern Queensland, Australia. Professionally, I am a writer/academic and personally I am…. well, lots of things: mother, singer, partner and explorer of all stuff and nonsense!
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Well.... der!!!!

My big fat apologies to everyone who has commented on my work and not got a reply! Dumb little ol’ me forgot to use the “reply” tag on ur comments so no-one would’ve noticed if I had replied!!!! Feel like the biggest doofus – sorry! I have tried to reply to each and every comment so if you look you’ll find them (“oh what a drag,” says collective RB …
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I just wanna say.....

Thanks to everyone who has commented, faved and watch(ing/ed) me, you are all so wonderful. I have read – but not commented (too chicken)- on a few nasty episodes where someone has personally attacked the art (if not the person themselves) and the support that has been given to the person who has been insulted is just fantastic – I love the community on here ;O) I’ve found art t…
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