Behold, the Man

Without knowing him, they left their fishing nets behind. Perhaps it
was curiosity. If someone walked up to you and said “Follow me,”
would you go. Would you leave your own family behind and follow this

What is it that he has to offer? He isn’t even a handsome man. He
doesn’t draw attention to himself the way that others do. And when he
does something that appears to be miraculous of his own hand, he
attributes it to his father. But then they ask, isn’t your father
just a man named Joseph? Clearly their human minds cannot comprehend.

Though they see the special things he does, how he walks on water, he
calms a storm, he heals the sick, he makes the blind to see again and
yet they still ask, “Who is this man?”

Perhaps hind site is 20/20. He fulfilled the prophecies spoken of so
long ago. The messiah walked among them, and still they did not know.
Until he was crucified and rose again. He paved the way and made the
blackness of sin white as snow

But who was this man who walked among them and lives in our hearts
today? Who is this man to which we pray? He is the Son of man and the
Son of God. And he is Emmanuel. God with us. Yesterday… today… and

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