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Our Daily Bread


Well, I have just finished publishing this dateless and timeless Journal. A personal healing journal that takes you on a journey through your uniqueness and personal cyclic patterns.

Our Daily Bread is an acronym, inspired by the Lord’s prayer, meant to create a journaling prescription, personalized for activating change towards a new perception on your unique “healing path”.

O – Observing and noting your unique habits, in your daily routine
U – Uniting with thoughts which manifest an abundance, health, love & responsibility
R – Remembering that you deserve ALL the love, respect, joy & prosperity

D – Defining your relationships with clear boundaries
A – Abounding and sharing the positive and healing knowledge you’ve acquired
I – I (SELF) am a unique individual becoming the best person I can be
L – LOVE and care for yourself and others by example
Y – You are responsible for your WILLPOWER

B – Believing that the possibilities are endless, in achieving your Healing goals
R – Respect that NO one else can “fix” you – but you
E – Emote your feelings to yourself in a mirror or in your journal, as well as to others
A – Accept that there is a reason for everything, in your life’s journey
D – Divinity is present, become aware of non-logical insight and perceive intuitively

This journal can be used on its own, or in conjunction with my previous ‘works’, “Sailing through the 7C’s”, “Beyond Symptoms”, and “Puzzled Isles of Spirit”, which would pursue more in-depth explanations of the workings of this journals’ purpose and function.

Thanks so much for looking and taking the time to see what I have been up to…

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