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Peace Candles

In October 2007, I started an endeavor of writing called Peace Candles… a friend started a website for me which included these writings, mostly about US history and the holidays that we celebrate…but with the intention of becoming one heard voice, starting with myself to creating peace within, before teaching it to others.
The 14th Peace Candle entry was a speech that Barack Obama made, shortly after I joined redbubble (although I didn’t become active here until July 2008).
I invite you now to check out this site…PEACE CANDLES
1 – One Voice (intent)
2 – Vote while Conscious
3 – Veteran’s Remembrance
4 – Crossroads to Humanity
5 – Thanksgiving
6 – Mourning Moon
7 – Peaceful Victory – Balancing Love
8 – Festival of Lights
9 – New Source of Light
10 – Peaceful Resolutions
11 – Blessed are the Peacekeepers
Peace within PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
12 – Peaceful Purification
13 – Passionate Internet Voices – a radio interview I did about PTSD
14 – Ressurecting our Power

Last night, in response to blamo saying he would light a single red candle for Peace, I responded with Peace on Earth

It was simultaneously FEATURED into C.O.R.E. with my humble thanks to Ushna and yellowfury
That was apparently not the end of this gift that just keeps giving…
Linaji joined in…
blamo lit his
terri aka aspectsoftmk lit one up
Jaybe, justjen and liesbeth lit some up (no pic)
Wendy Slee lit hers
Paul Stephen Dixon lit his candles

And the Peace Candles continue…

If anyone wishes to collaborate with me on continuing the Peace Candles site works, please contact me and thank you ALL for re-sparking this little voice ;)


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