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RB navigating tips

As I struggled to navigate through this site initially, a month or so ago, I was fortunate that several Bubblers were kind enough to share how they uploaded artwork to their profiles and art pages; links to music and videos and some other helpful tidbits which I recently shared with a few friends invited here…

Hope this helps you present your amazing work easier, if you didn’t already know how…

Clickable Link:
1. Quotation mark
2. What you want your link to say
3. Quotation mark
4. Colon
5. URL code – http://www.etc…com

Add Images:
1. Upload Image, Title, Description, Tags, Groups & Items for sale – SAVE
2. Click onto buy/preview and save to favorites the card, print and/or framed print, by right clicking image of card or print; then go back to artwork page
3. In description box, add !exclamation point, then click to another browser tab
4. Find image saved in favorites and click to highlight URL, Cut (ControlC), click back to browser tab with artwork
5. Paste URL into description box and add !exclamation point
6. You can add more than one photo of work (Tip: when saving in FAV, I add letter c (cards), L (laminated), M (mounted) & F (framed) when saving multiple images of same work. Just be sure to add !exclamation points before and after the URL.
7. You can use this same process for adding to Profile Description

Image Sizes:
For all sale items except clothing and calendars, the size of images uploaded should be 2500 × 3500, then in the ‘Items for sale’ section (below tags), you can check all: cards, mounted print, laminated print, canvas print, framed print and posters for sale. If someone requests Large prints, medium & large posters or laminated prints and/or calendars you can then upload a larger image.

Profile Page: your URL for your profile will be to edit this page, you can add links to other sites and pictures like instructed above, in the describe yourself box. The daily feed question request has been helpful to me, not having to sign in daily. They’ll send you an email of your daily activity – you click onto any underlined feature, activity or comment and you are there – I save them in my email inbox, until I receive the next one.

Challenges: RB just made most of the challenges really very easy as the group will send notice in your overview feed, click onto enter now and all the work you have uploaded will show up to chose from for entering; note whether they require a TAG, you may need to edit before entering. They have not yet mastered entering “writing” works, most groups do it in forums.

Groups: join the ones you feel you can get the most exposure and follow their specific rules, you can click onto anyone in your watchlists’ list of groups to seek commonalities. Or, while looking at artwork posted by others, on the right side where the description is – below are underlined groups that have accepted the artwork and you can click those to learn more.

Watchlist: Add people you feel share the same tastes in artwork for support – by clicking on names of commenters, bubblemailers or checking my watchlist and reading profiles, seeing artwork & groups in common.

Bubblesite/Gallery: this URL is different than your Profile page it would be – you can click this tab on your page to build and manage it as you add artwork – I suggest you get used to some of the above, so you have optimum pricing and exposure for items for sale. The templates are easy and to manage, you click and drag your artwork into categories you chose. Customers can buy directly from your gallery, without being redbubble members, or you can simply share the URL with friends to see your photos. Written works are not included in the gallery, but all photos uploaded for sale will automatically be in the Manage section to be added to the categories you move them to, I manage my gallery once weekly.

Text Formatting:
BOLD to make text bold =bold
Italic to make text italic =italic
Underline to underline text =underlined
Small Text make text smaller =smaller text

Comments: when someone comments on your work, you can reply (click) and they will receive a feed that you responded – if they are rude (click report) or delete – when you just comment below you will be the only one who knows.

Hope this helps you navigate the site better as your page reads…
Overview Groups Account Art Clothing Writing Calendars Journal Watchlist Favorites Promote Bubblesite Bubblemail

These above are yours – the ones at the top of the page are the entire RedBubble Community or Main/Home pages… Home Art Clothing Groups MyBubble

Have Fun!!!

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