As a performing arts student i just can’t help but fill my time with trying to be creative! I love modeling and am always looking for new people that would like to use me for any shoots, I’ll try most things! I’d like to think i was a friendly person so if you’ve got anything you would like to say why not send me a B-mail??

Take Care! x

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New Project!

Ello there guys… / Right….inspiration has finally hit and i have an idea for a new project…its based around the song Hollywood Whore – Papa Roach. Each picture will be inspired by a line from the song…i hope these come out ok since i really feel the song highlights how low we’ll sink for fame
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Hey Guys! Just wonering if it would be possible to ask for a little help. I’m dying to try some more ‘expressive’ stuff [like my most resent photos] but and super stuck for ideas! Anyone got any i can try? / Also, i welcome with open arms any creative criticism you can throw my way!! / Thanks!! / Much love!!
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I’m so bored and have totally lost the ability to do anything creative! I have nothing else going on at the moment so i thought i’d write in this thing just to say that there is a song i really like at the moment called Breakeven by The Script… if you get the chance to listen its amazing. Take care! x
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Hey guys… two things really…. / 1) i have posted to close up pictures for sloth… i wasn’t sure which was better so if you would please let me know so as i can remove the other? / 2)Am going away for the weekend does a little dance should be fun, hope everyone is doing well and in good health x
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