Rag Doll

Choose Me.
I sit here upon this darkened sill.
Dust my meadow, cobwebs my forest.
Waiting for you to draw near.
I long for you to become my Master,
-and I your plaything.

Hold Me.
Wrap your fingers on my fiber woven flesh.
Mold me as if my body were clay.
Sculpting me to become your precise fit.
I am incomplete,an unfinished creation.
Grip my form, so I will forever belong in you hands.

Own Me.
Make me only yours.
Etch your name on the canvas of my skin,
leaving your mark with a ravenous kiss.
The stroke of your breath branding my secret places.

Dress Me Up.
Undo my buttons.Dress me in crimson silk.
Lace up my stockings, the way you like it.
You alone control our unbridled imagination.
I alone, am your shameless object of desires.
Lead me to your darkest corners,
and I shall fill you with undying lucid light.

Pose Me.
Let you gently move my body to play your game.
My Master, for I shall always let you conquer me,
as I desire only to be your private conquest.

Dance With Me.
Lift me up into your arms, let me inhale your essence.
Hold me tight against the contour of your body.
We will dance to your amorous mortal orchestra of rapture.

Yes, Play Me.
You my Master, are truly the maestro of my wanton song,
and I, your instrument holding every note for your seductive measure.
Your delusion-conceives my reality.

Lay Me Down.
Lead me gently to your bed of promises.
Whisper carnal secrets in my ear, for I will never tell.
By your side, I will stay always and watch you sleep,
with each breath you take I long to penetrate your soul.
To share your heartbeat, without yours mine exists not.

Choose Me.
Let me be your Mistress and satisfy your persuasion.
The Angel you long to taste.
The Saint that absolves your sin.
The Gatekeeper of your thoughts.

I sit here upon my darkened sill.
Dust my meadow, cobwebs my forest.
Choose Me.
Take me now, and I avow solemnly,
that for all the sands of eternity I will always remain,
~your little RagDoll

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