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Teague Hipkiss

Woodbridge, United Kingdom

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Hi there, I’m a young, teenage student with a real passion for Graphic Design and ‘nerdy’ t-shirts. I use Adobe Photoshop CS3 in making all of my work. My art and graphic design is improving all the time, and joining RedBubble has only spurred me on and helped me develop.

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  • Joined: May 2012


Hi Guys! Just a few things you should know...

TJ Hiphop here, no maybe that’s no longer the case. I’d just like to put together a quick journal to say a few things since it’s been so long. / First off, if you weren’t aware already, I’m still here as always, making designs and putting them out regularly with more stuff on the way. You should take a look at my most recent design and share it if you like! / As well…
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New Design on Qwertee!

Hi lovely people of the internet, I require your assistance! / I have a new design up for voting on Qwertee. It has a vague Hallowe’en theme, so I’m trying to get as many votes as possible over the next few days in an effort to get it printed. / Some of you may be familiar with the design already as it is available on my RedBubble store right now, however it would be even better to re…
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1-Year Anniversary Special! - Last Day!

The 31st of May will represent the 1-year anniversary of me joining RedBubble, so I thought I’d have a little anniversary special at my ‘shop’. / Firstly, I have released 6 new designs today, and will release another each day for the next 4 days. / Here’s what’s been released so far. / DAY 2: Scott Pilgrim shirt, Contact me if you want to personalise it. / DAY 3: ZX …
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Work Removal

Seems some of my work has been removed recently for some copyright infringement. It seems they were all taken down for legitimate reasons so I have no qualms, even if I am a little disappointed but I just have to learn to cope. For the most part, I don’t ever steal artwork and put it onto a shirt so it gets frustrating when this happens on a regular basis. And I still see dozens of designs …
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