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I have lots of ideas for photos, many of which never see the light of day. Some of them do though, and most of those are here. I take photos mostly of things, rather than people and try to find a new angle (literally or otherwise). When I look at photos I took a year or two ago, I can see how the current ones work much better. If I can also say that in a year or two, I’ll be happy.

But … it’s not just about photos. I like to use words in my photos and for as long as I can remember I have written poems. Many of them I write for myself and would not want to publish, but the exceptions are added here. Some are new, some are very old. I find that the ones I like best are those that I don’t really remember writing, but which still say something to me.

It’s great that I can add both here, because the mental process feels much the same for each. My interest is not so much the more technical aspects of photography (like getting the exposure just right in difficult lighting), but composition. I’m pleased with a photo when everything in it fits with everything else (the other aspects of the photo, the framing, the title), just as I’m pleased with a poem when every line and every word adds to the structure and holds up the meaning, the point that needs to be made. At the core, everything here is about expressing a shape, a structure, a feeling. I know that something is finished when it slots into place and every part is holding up everything else.

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