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I am a recent college grad who really enjoys doing art after a certain special someone in my life got me a sketchbook for my last birthday.

My art is kind of abstract, and never really planned out. I like to draw either very meditated or when trying to calm down. I hope to be able to keep drawing and improve myself over time, and this is the style of art I believe I will stick with.

Take some time, look around. Hopefully something will appeal you.



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Free Artwork (A nice gift for you!)

Hello! / While this site is all about making money off of art, I want to give something away, for free. / My most viewed piece of art on this site is “Predatory Embrace.” It’s also my most favorite piece of art I have done to date. And besides that, I want to give it to you for free. / Yep, completely free. / Just Click this link / Then right click and then click Save As and it…
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How deviantART Users sell REAL Value in Art

It’s Cyber Monday (or in some cases Cyber Week) and with all those awesome sales going on I wanted to talk to you about selling art. / Most of us will agree that selling are online is a real pain. Even if you aren’t selling just getting an audience is tough. / It’s just tough to sell art online! / Many artists try to sell their works as prints priced cheap enough to make a bit o…
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How 3 Simple Rules Make Art Criticism Easy

The C-word. / Many fear it and few know how to handle it properly. / I’m talking about criticism, of course! Now I’m no expert but I might have a few tips to help you get the most out of any critique (okay, almost any critique). / If you didn’t know I took an awesome creativity course which basically jump started this blogging habit of mine. Besides being shocked I had to make a…
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Keywords and Art

Hey, this isn’t going to be a long post. But as far as I know Google is no longer giving access to organic keyword data. / There are some work-arounds but if you’re doing SEO for your artwork try focusing more on page design, optimizing landing pages…AND MAKING YOUR ART ( = CONTENT) better! / CONTENT marketing! / What is content marketing? It’s not too hard to do. You have…
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