Welcome to my portfolio.
A collection of photo manipulated and digitally enhanced photographs,
inspired by my love for animals.
I hope you will enjoy looking at my work as much as I love creating them.

For Throw Pillows and Tote Bags , please bubble mail me and I will re-size requested image to fit.

Please take note:
Artist Copyright –2014
No portion of this artist’s work may be downloaded, reproduced, published, copied, manipulated, linked or transferred electronically or used in any way without the artist’s written permission.

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Maybe it is my time to move on

To all my friends here on RB , Best wishes for the festive Season… / Thank you for all your wonderful comments and support over the years, / Sadly I can not upload anything to my portfolio and / I find it most frustrating . / Also the wrong time of the year to expect any assistance. / RB SUPPORT DID SAY I HAVE TO WAIT TWO WEEKS AND MORE….
Posted about 1 month – 15 comments

Can not post work or edit work

Has anyone experienced the same problem? / In Edit- I added previously posted work to a group and pressed Save at the bottom. / After loading 100% a blank page is showing?…. / Tried with different image with the same problem. / Opened a new tab to check if changes were made and work was not sent to the group selected? / And can not Add new work. / After loading 100% a blank page is showin…
Posted about 1 month – 1 comments

Sold two Cards

I want to thank the person who bought two of my cards.I hope the printed result will be up to standard.
Posted 7 months – 8 comments

Made a Sale

I want to thank the person who bought two of my cards.I hope the printed result will be up to standard.
Posted 7 months – 9 comments