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Born and raised in Northern NSW Australia, Tim has been running his own small photography business for nearly 8 years. Tim started out by doing intricate slide shows to music with other photographers images for his mother’s catering/wedding planning business. It didn’t take long before he picked up his own camera and started capturing these special days through his own eyes. Hiding in bushes or climbing trees, he would shoot the weddings at his mother’s venue then quickly convert these images into a moving visual delight on his computer to display at the reception for the bride, groom and guests to enjoy during the reception. His hopes were they would want to purchase a DVD of the memorable day.

As every weekend came around he was introduced to a new wedding and a different photographer. Over the course of many months he would pick their brains, learn their styles and techniques and the ins and outs of the industry. Getting hints, tips & advice from professionals he finally got the courage to go out on his own, register his business and start booking clients: he hasn’t looked back since.

Being flown around the country from Gladstone, Sydney & Melbourne he gives testament to the saying, “have camera, will travel”. Not just limited to wedding photography, Tim has also been acknowledged for his passion and eye for innovative landscapes taking out the Top-Spot above 36,000 entrants in the 2009 International Jet Star photography competition.

You can bet, if he’s not catching you at your best on your wedding day, he will be chasing a storm, sunset or a full moon. Tim is always looking to inspire & to be inspired. He lives and breathes for capturing the perfect moment.

“Photos are never taken for the moment they are captured. They are not meant for the present. They represent the past, for the future to admire, reminisce, smile, laugh or cry over. You cannot put a true price or value on a photograph at the time it is taken, for it can become priceless to an individual during the course of a week to a century. For how could you put a value on something that is here today but isn’t promised a tomorrow? Whether it be a first step, or a first love. Or a last step or a lost love. These things we experience and capture through the course of our lives are priceless.” ~ TjZ.




  • Age: 32
  • Joined: February 2008