I believe that art should be enjoyable. It can inspire and evoke emotions. That is what I try and do with my art. Evoke a mood or feeling. Sometimes though, a pretty picture is just a pretty picture and that is a good thing.

I began drawing in my early teens. I’ve worked in oils, acrylics, Prismacolor, pastels and other traditional media. In the late 90s I began experimenting with digital. My methods are traditional but instead of paint and canvas, I use a computer. The screen becomes my canvas, the mouse/pen my brush. Each image is built up brush stroke by stoke.

I like to experiment and sometimes that means pure digital manipulation or the fusion of digital manipulation with more traditional styles. Filters, lighting effects, combined with traditional brush strokes. It is all fair game.

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How I Paint

I sit at my computer, the screen is blank. The urge to paint is on me, but I have no particular project in mind. I begin going through files of uncompleted pieces, none seem to fit my need for creation. So I begin going through photographs that I’ve taken or friends have sent me. At last one captures my attention. Ah, it is a photograph a friend sent me a year ago. It is a little blurry but t…
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