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Tim Ruane

Tim Ruane

Alexandria, United States

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Man in the Auditorium by Tim Ruane Girl in a Film by Tim Ruane Man in a Garage With a Car march 1 by Tim Ruane Sidewalk feb 26 by Tim Ruane T. S. Eliot and the Nude T. S. Eliot and the Nude / Sensuous nude Estee Lauder— / High heeled beyond your ankles aphrodisiac / With bizarre make-up, not Indian make… Woman Walking Dogs feb 22 by Tim Ruane Three Guys in the Cafe feb 20 by Tim Ruane The Photograph National Gallery of Art feb 19 by Tim Ruane Three Auditorium National Gallery of Art feb 19 by Tim Ruane After Four French Films National Gallery of Art feb 19 by Tim Ruane Bench People National Gallery of Art feb 19 by Tim Ruane Girl Phone feb 19 National Gallery of Art by Tim Ruane Teeth feb 18 by Tim Ruane Guy in Window feb 17 by Tim Ruane Two Traffic Lights by Tim Ruane Bus in the Morning by Tim Ruane Between Two Trees by Tim Ruane Traffic Light Tree by Tim Ruane Wire, Socket feb 16 by Tim Ruane B Carriage With Two People feb 16 by Tim Ruane Email as if in Dublin Email as if in Dublin / I have scoured the computer box six days now, / My email, tipped and drained in Dublin, / And the broad I consider … The Minstrel of Maxwell The Minstrel of Maxwell / Once a minstrel, I, / Like Cleopatra’s lover, / Aspired for you Sunday night, / But you—invisible, air, / Alterna… A 4:24 Selectric A 4:24 Selectric / At the coffee club / I asked for your core / Like Quasimodo or Frankenstein / (Although I was really like the 1931 Bela … Two Cars Facing feb 13 by Tim Ruane Diner 9 by Tim Ruane Workman With Trashcan by Tim Ruane House by Tim Ruane Steps 8 feb 11 by Tim Ruane Walker and Signs feb 11 by Tim Ruane Neon, Astronaut Neon, Astronaut / From my wander knees—which yet still believe in God, / A billboard floating next to the Hilton across the street— / I wai… Medicine Men Howl Medicine Men Howl / With a feather I inquired like Jack Wilson, / And chasing the evil of stars, I would be a chief of Indians, / Although … Car in the Night 3 feb 10 by Tim Ruane In Parisian Cafes In Parisian Cafes / I, lonely count of Transylvania, / Approached you with the passion of Mars, / Drooping with silence under a black cape,… Rite of the Old Dancer Rite of the Old Dancer / Take me from the backyard / Of the stars, / For I am cuckoo / Sailing abandoned oceans. / I would rather Verona, /… Traffic Light 4 feb 9 by Tim Ruane Prufrock Prufrock / Softly confused / She hinted to me / Like a rumor. / I imagined the kiss / Of a complicated lover / But instead spoke delicately… Untitled by Tim Ruane Green House at Night 7 by Tim Ruane Hilton Bldg. 6 by Tim Ruane Another Doctor’s Love Another Doctor’s Love / I sit again in my beloved shop of coffee / At 6 in another of God’s lonesome Sunday mornings— / Thinking on yellow … Car in the Parking Lot by Tim Ruane Needles at the Doctor's Office by Tim Ruane Another Bus in the Parking Lot by Tim Ruane Man Pushing a Cart by Tim Ruane Guy, Bag, Walking by Tim Ruane Humphrey Humphrey / I would fight for a woman / Like Patton with a .38 caliber pistol in World War II / Or a Spartan king. / I lie like this because… On to the Fairies On to the Fairies / I am batty, / Nymph girl, / Although your hair is short and brown, / And when I look, / Wishing to speak, / There are b… Perfume by Tim Ruane Cool Car by Tim Ruane Pop Scale by Tim Ruane I Too Tango I Too Tango / I could tell by her buttocks that she too should be mine / To map, ingratiate and divine with my lonely, lonely, green eyes, … The Facade of a Burger Shop by Tim Ruane Terminator 12 Terminator 12 / My favorite psychiatrist, / R.B.B. B. Sigmund Down— / One of 14 unusual persons whom I paid, albeit with insurance, $262 pe… You Said This Is Not Godot You Said This Is Not Godot / I, unvanished janitor in the men’s room, / Have scoured my email six days now, / But my email is emptier than… The Superb Typewriter The Superb Typewriter / Beneath your balcony, / Somewhere in the drama of a play in Verona, / I asked for your core, / Like Quasimodo or Fr… Man in Car jan 29 by Tim Ruane Moon and Building by Tim Ruane To Venus or the Sun To Venus or the Sun / You have driven me / To my pair of once-optimistic knees, / Once full of faith for you— / Knees which still believe i… Person by a Car by Tim Ruane House in the Snow by Tim Ruane Yellow Cab by Tim Ruane Love by the Tooth Brush Love by the Tooth Brush / I brushed my teeth three times for you, / Baby. I did this passionately / Like the way serious British men do / … Jack Wilson, Spiritualist by Tim Ruane Ghost Dance Ghost Dance / I approached you with a feather in my head / Inquiring about your soul like Jack Wilson / During a solar eclipse Wednesday ni… Old Musical by Tim Ruane Untitled by Tim Ruane