Erotic/Poem12..."SWOON!!" Drink wine. This is life eternal. This is all that youth will give you. 18 cert


Purple Love, Diamonds, The Fool and The Now..“This moment is your life”

*"Life is merely a fraction of a second.
An infinitely small amount of time to fulfill
our desires, our dreams, our passions." – Paul Gauguin

MY APOLOGIES FOR THESE GRAPHICS BUT BECAUSE OF DISABILITY, CANNOT CURRENTLY PAINT…my possible talents are superior!..I do not wish to reveal the woman whom I’m talking about….


Purple Love and Diamonds POEMS by Dante…….
Purple is the healing Colour of spirituality/love…
Diamond represents the Soul…….

A heart and soul story of love, fantasy, emotional affair, conflict, man’s expression of love, sexuality and creative passion, the great respect of his female soul mate, and why he feels that way…I maybe a dreamer, but the writing of letters as a form of seduction and romance has not passed me by.

“Drink wine. This is life eternal. This is all that youth will give you. It is the season for wine, roses and drunken friends. Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”
— Omar Khayyám (Rubaiyat)

18 Image…“the male image” is in context with the poem, activities of youth, drunken friends: to signify the baring of the soul and giving of body, heart and soul to the love below. Two wayward male poems but expressive, and what came from within…heartfelt and subconscious….

Thought can the male body be physically sexually expressive as the females? Art of the human body. group..ALL WOMEN, what a shock!!

Diamonds by Dante

I can always spot a diamond in a box of zirconia,
cos I know I am a diamond too.
Keep it sparkling, forever bright and at the for…..
and one day if it ever shall arise……
….perhaps your jewel might find a place in my gaze…

Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder how you are
Stay close but wander in your love just like you shall,
My fallen rainbow awaits over the hill not that distant far,
A skyward colour bounty this poet has described by words
(To make his wish)
To entwine these two cut diamonds (lovingly cut from a single stone)…

To love your diamond challenges my ache inside, to let things be,
I want, yet never would dare unseat your bonded precious setting…
Never owned by anyone but “foolish” desire treads deep in me…
(see “fool below” different meaning than idiot, misguided etc)
From my head to my feet…do I “feel for you” alone in jest?
I realise I have no hold, no just cause to make you mine,
But actually this poet wishes for nothing more…
Just mutual feelings of endearment diamond crystal clear…

Can my trapped love break free and find trust again and within,
For that is my single flaw, and your friendship touches my soul…..
Trapped Love is my pain….xxxxxxx why I dont know…. “sigh”
But simply thank you for asking no questions why….
That’s how I am and how I feel…”what a bloody pain”… might say
So keep your diamond safe for me …” i reluctantly gasp”
set within your betrothed’…..platinum? and his loving clasp…

I therefore stand hopefully not as a jestor nor as a poet but….
As a man who thanks you for sharing my recent intimate life
You make my diamond sparkle…in the centre
And bring to the fore again my romantic heart….
For that I am eternally grateful….I can feel again
Greater than even making love to you….
You have given me an awakening xxxxxx…….

Diamonds are proper, unaltered, unbreakable and untamed..
In your vivid “purple attire”….my darling
Be my “purple heart” and soul and from the shadow,
I can but dream only of a single close embrace…
I’ll take a deep breathe…

Kiss your tender lips and bury that kiss within
And be consoled by your sweet face; and forever,
Having eyes like blue diamonds….and relenting smile…
Onto my journey to love paradise…..and life eternal…?

  • The Now*

Remembering Khayyam..“Drink wine. This is life eternal. This is all that youth will give you. It is the season for wine, roses and drunken friends. Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

Just maybe one day unsaid two desperate romantics…..
place those diamonds on top of each other…for now
In reality it is not a love lost…but an emotional experience..
Where your man should evoke my envy..but no
On my bedsheet.and in my life…you are still my brilliant “purple” diamond.

All well….cherish what you have….

My love always……

The Philosophical Fool

I have a spiritual/philosophical and literary flaw, .. barking probably but I like the motto below….. the point is opposite to perception to what “foolish” normally means

In philosophy” The Fool”, keeps alive the virtues of play and festivity as a source of creativity and personal fulfillment. In essence it is a state of being………..individuals who identify with the artistic, spiritual and philosophical nature of The Fool. unfortunate name!!!! not flattering…are nonconformist; expressing truth through laughter; wisdom through play; whimsy as art.. performers, actors, musicians, dancers, improvisers, artists… and just plain old eccentrics…..

The motto of The Fools Guild is: “In Risu Veritas” ”In Laughter there is Truth”……..perhaps what in our words “barmy” means to us………..SO its the fun that has always draws me to you…yes I’m mad…your dance, your wisdom, your laughter, witt and your deep love and care.…That’s how i feel for you…You stood by me for that I can never repay.

PERHAPS in me lays a REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE….ECCENTRIC?…..and a burning desire to find “a woman” I so passionately would love “forever!”…. I hope I am not foolish in what I have written…in the other meaning……I just care for you deeply honey. We are companions and the rest…’d agree!!

I just love the laughter………. and “purple” "and the wine that is our life and “purple love”. Two diamonds…two souls……One moment in life..

Purple Love by Dante

Human emotion can be conveyed in lyric but a lover’s touch urges all the human senses………

If you were laying in that beautiful french lingerie,
Like that Japanese Cherry Blossom in full display
A nipponese holiday and both a day of celebration
Of National wood! and sheer festival delight…..

I would but venture my charms and hold your waist,
And touch pure purple satin and flesh beneath
and bring my lips to yours, coloured in that shade of cherry
And purse open mouths to touch secret tongues….

To feel the sheen of your silken stocking and place my
Hand underneath your fallen suspender and revell in the
View of a woman in her prime, in seasonal display all charm and benign.
(kind and gentle disposition)

xxxx would have already seduced her man by face and costume alone,
A picture frame so feminine and demure.. your eyes just doing the leading,
To comfort her man in a choice she had planned,
Their connection already written in diamond, no word no sound….

“She pulls him onto her with consumate ease..
Skilled and accomplished she allows him to please,
To enter sacred blossom! like the cherry did just awaken,
She was in bloom and feeling reverant and in a sensual cradle
The festival of blossom! (like in Japan!) was courted like those two single trees
A pair stood together entwined and pollinating in a show and gesture….
of sublime sentiment and pure beautiful love.

Mr Purple….whilst I write!

Erotic/Poem12..."SWOON!!" Drink wine. This is life eternal. This is all that youth will give you. 18 cert

tim norman

Wimbledon, United Kingdom

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