Where the hawthorn red haws blush

Where the hawthorn, red haws blush
Their colours of Autumn 
Where the swan swims, on silent ,alone.
I saw you that day, I’ll never forget you
You’re smile lit the dark of my soul.
You’re feet tread on leaves,
their copper gold colours 
Slowly falling confetti they twirl
You glanced for a moment
but a moment that mattered 
when tumbling into love’s hay stack
lit golden with you.

By the shores of Loch Leane
By it’s stoney Ross Castle
Where the wild garlic perfumes
The  island of trees
On the spot where ferns
and the bluebells are painted
Young love it skipped 
Its beat on a breeze
I held out my hand
Gently you took it
I held the stare
of the blue of your eyes
a black bird it scampered
through the shiny leaf Laurel
Where a  butterfly  like a love letter landed 
And the buzzing busy bees sang drunk on the woodbine
As I dreamy in love, whispered," will you be mine?"

I waited the summer saw fields grow and ripen
I turned the sweet hay without a drizzle of rain 
I cycled a black bike, I whistled a polka
I fished for a salmon and an answer in vain.
Were I that rich man or were I that bucko 
That made you feel flattered, with the spinning of lies
To capture you’re heart, wrapped in a bandage
With a chain round your neck  full of sparkle
what use are the jewels and diamonds of merchants
when the light in your eyes like the dew, has vanished.
Eyes dull now and sunken
like the Armadas lost treasures
Your sweet lips stained
with disappointment’s red wine
I still wait for my answer
Or you just to say sorry
For never I married
Knowing you were once mine.

I tried a few others
but none
Were quite like you
I tried to forget you
When I drunk for a year
Now contented I wander
through the garden I planted
the drills full of seed
the beds full with flower.
Two hives of sweet honey
to drizzle on memories
like the turf fire still glowing.

May be in heaven,
we’ll walk out together
hold hands that never
should have parted
I’ d make you a neckless of 
Full of natures wild flowers
Tread on pine needle paths
Near soothing lap lake sounds
I’d row you forever admiring 
Your beauty the lake breeze
Brushing your hair
your smile re-awakened it’s frost all melted
By the warm sun of true love beaming
into the chapel where monks chanted vespers
It’s roof gone replaced by the blue clouded sky
Well walk down it’s aisle 
With graves full of bones
Of men and ladies who like us
Are now passed
The snow like a swans feather
falling from heaven as we kissed
the choir of birds chirped their delight
to see true love in ghostly embrace
by the moons blue shadowy light.

We rowed back to heaven
on still waters of glass
Peter opened the boathouse door
And we both went to bed
Full of love in our head 
Never to visit again that shore
When once we found love
And like fools let it go
Only to find it again
When we died
But my searching is over
She lays in my arms
And makes up the days 
We both lost
And the mist where I missed you
Are memories now vanished
Melted away like the frost.

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Where the hawthorn red haws blush by 

Just a draft woke early this spilled I’ll polish latter


  • E.E. Jacks
    E.E. Jacksabout 3 years ago

    Oh this is so lovely. You spill the most touching beautiful words.. :)
    It ended too quickly for me. I will read it again more hopeful now that I know the close.

    ‘You glanced for a moment but a moment that mattered..’ Perfect.

    Incredibly sweet and gorgeous write.

  • Thank you so for your generous comment I still need to tidy it up a bit but glad you see it’s beauty

    – timbuckley

  • Guendalyn
    Guendalynabout 3 years ago

    bellissima !!!!! guenda

  • Thank you

    – timbuckley

  • Donna19
    Donna19about 3 years ago

    I liked it. It made me both sad and happy at times. A mixture of feelings at battle with the other.

  • Thank you for this

    – timbuckley

  • Norma-jean Morrison
    Norma-jean Mor...about 3 years ago

    something quite blessed between two Souls who will come together again on this shore all love Norma

  • Thank you so much for your kindness

    – timbuckley

  • Noel78
    Noel78about 3 years ago

    So sweet! Tim,You create a masterpiece painting with beautiful sweet words with an open heart!

  • Thank you for the wonderful generous comment

    – timbuckley

  • Catherine Berger
    Catherine Bergerabout 3 years ago

    lovely when two find one another

  • Yes even in death thanks as always

    – timbuckley

  • haldenton
    haldentonabout 3 years ago

    Poetry beauty, elegance, gilded with purist grace it is messages left on the smudged confusing smoky viewing glass that the world is viewed through never should it promote the thinking or means of points made still calm the anteroom to wisdom’s uncommon ground you cross and you are forever impacted and changed imperceptibly so the human touched by divine knowing imparts this treasure to the unsuspecting enlightened they walk with riches that never fade.
    To this end I’m going to quit writing until I figure this out.

  • Please keep writing you have the gift and thank you for such a wonderful comment

    – timbuckley

    JUSTARTabout 3 years ago

    beautiful writing

  • Thank you so much, I made a few changes since your last visit but still not entirely happy, but who Is?

    – timbuckley

  • Sorina Williams
    Sorina Williamsabout 3 years ago

    I spill my coffee 1st thing in the morning and you spill this….wow! I love that you took the story a bit further than I expected. Just beautiful! :)

  • Thank you sorina love the brand very classy

    – timbuckley

  • evon ski
    evon skiabout 3 years ago

    i have read this more than once, have you polished yet? this is filled with waves that lap: pure love, longing, loss, redemption, highest love of resolution . . . . the openness and lack of clear answer, the mercurial nature of this piece frustrated me initially . . . now it is one of the things I love about it. This would make a haunting song set to choreographed imagery. Tim, this is a rich gem indeed.

  • yea polished it a little

    – timbuckley

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