Muckross Killarney, Ireland

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Click on link daughter in concert with symphony orchestra

click on this be patient wait for it to load Jessie Buckley with national symphony Orchestra.


  • madvlad
    madvladabout 3 years ago

    Tim just watched the interview with your daughter wow she is a charmer and so high on life and song, what a thrill it must be for you and her mom too,sorry she did not make it on getting the part on stage but some thing will happen to make the miss of not getting make sense, and yes there is tons of rejection in that business amen on that , i lived in so calif for 25 years and got to see how the business worked and had several friends in music and acting so god bless her and keep trying till her fate is where it will be, with work and the right place at the right time, i also listened to all the other postings on her and her music too you have to be higher then a kite tim,and should be too walt evans klamath falls ore

  • Rhinovangogh
    Rhinovangoghabout 2 years ago

    Thisis serious music! Love it! Congrats for haveing such talent in the family! Beautiful music! Nice treat. Cheers, J