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Reasons for Absence - The Saga of the Hip

You may have wondered why I have been absent from RedBubble since Christmas. You may not, of course! Well, I broke my femur at the beginning of the year and had a hip replacement operation. This was followed by its dislocation and a further operation to put it back into place. Then I fell over three times, the third time damaging the other leg but not, I hasten to add, breaking anything!

All this has left me with very little energy and sustained concentration, and since the anaesthetic from the first operation had an adverse effect on the old synapses of the brain, I could not read or write properly for the first two or three months. I’m still not back to normal and only now able to walk without a Zimmer frame and only very slowly. Oh, it’s an interesting life!

Let’s hope I am able to contribute to RB, whether a new work, or getting back to commenting on everyone else’s luscious art, sooner rather than later.


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