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Invitation to my Solo Exhibition in Seoul, Korea June / July 2012

Hi everyone,
I’d like to invite all of you to my Solo Exhibition in Seoul, Korea.
If you live in Korea or are visiting Seoul, just contact me by email at
tigranakopyan@gmail.com (Now I’m staying in Busan,Korea!)
Thank you for your great support!!

Tigran Akopyan Solo Exhibition 8 June – 29 July 2012 Seoul, Korea
More about the Artist (Video)

The Kindergarden Children’s visit to my exhibition in Seoul, Korea July 2012-:)

Me and my little lady
after swimming in a corner of the Pacific Ocean:)
What a suprise! Thanks so much RB for the attention to my summer exhibition in the posting The Weekly Wrap by Redbubble on 10 July. I’m sure that your hearty support have helped greatly to open this exhibition. Big Thanks again to RB and my RB friends! – 11 July 2012 Tigran

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