Rochester, United States

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Hi!! My name is Lisa and I Have Always Loved To take Pictures…I specialize in Macros and Nature Photography. My favorite thing to PhotoGraph are Animals. Love Birds. They have intrigued me ever since I was a Child. :)

I Enjoy Nature, Animals, Macros of Everything, and Just Life in General. I am First and Foremost a Comedian…I Love to make people laugh, It’s just in my Nature! ;)

The Name TigerWings I have carried for Several Years, Mostly for my Superior Love of Tigers , but as well for the Tattoo of One I Have on my Back.

I am Inspired by everyday life, and that transpires Over into my work, so when You run out of ideas to shoot something, you Just Remember there IS Always another Angle! My Motto is

Take a Picture, It “DOES” Last Longer.

My Other PhotoGraphy Website

TiGeRWiNgSPhotoGraphy Shutterfly

I shoot with a Olympus E-520 DSLR and use my Zuiko Kit Lens as well as my Zuiko Macro 50mm and my Zuiko 50-200 ED SWD.

BELOW IS Kevin Richardson MY HERO

This is his Autobiography and it is Amazing!


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