A Bunch of Artists I Adore ♥ 大好き ♥

As an artist I am inspired by so many things everyday – books, music, nature, other cultures (chyeah Japan!), and also other artists. Inspiration is a funny thing, because other’s art can inspire something to stir within your own creative juices but your end result is something uniquely your own.…

One of the illustrators that inspired a development of my style from very vector based to more hand-drawn elements was the amazing mydeadpony (raphael). When I started out, I was all about bold, clean vector lines. His work is sketchy and free with a message… and really encouraged me to experiment with mixing these clean vector lines I was creating with a bit of texture. Becoming mildly obsessed with his work a few years back really subconciously moved my work in a different direction. My work is

Japan Earthquake: my experiences

Hi all, a big thankyou to everyone for the kind and thoughtful messages. Many of you were worried for my safety, knowing I was living and working in Japan when the super-disaster struck. Fortunately for me, I was in Tokyo at the time of the initial earthquake. I say fortunately because although it was the scariest thing most Tokyo-ites have ever experienced and our ground and buildings shook violently, we were the lucky ones compared to the devastation that hit the North (Miyagi, Sendai and surrounding areas). Not only was this beautiful country hit with the biggest most destructive earthquake in their history, they were also dealt a tsunami, which wiped out entire towns along the coast. The footage of what went down in those areas is just horrifying and it breaks my heart every minute.…


Snap Happy in Tokyo!

Hiya Lovelies!
I made it to Tokyo in one piece… all moved into my cute little apartment in a rad little part of town: ‘shimokitazawa’. I have been madly exploring these last few days sussing out where all the important stuff is:
art supplies/booz/ramen/supermarket. In that order!

Since coming here I have really enjoyed taking little snaps of the world around me – this neighbourhood is just so inspiring. So although I’ve accepted the fact I’ll never go pro..haha…I thought you might enjoy a little look-see at some of these moments I’ve captured

More coming all the time, as I’m discovering there is something super sweet around every little nook and cranny.

Hugs & Gyouza ~ Tiffatron xo

Anyone interested - art exchange mail game? FUN!

Basically it’s a fun little art exchange game, where each artist mails one piece of their cool art (original, print, handmade, photo, whatever you fancy) to someone else off the list (which i will provide if you’re keen)…

at first read it seems a bit like a chain letter but it’s so not- ive done of these before and it’s so much fun – you end up getting 36 little pieces of art by the end of it (if everyone plays by the rules!) and you only need to send out ONE piece of art! :-D

with most correspondance floating in the digital realm these days it’s refreshing and fun to get a nice little package in the mailbox don’t you think? especially when it’s something you can add to your art & inspiration wall!

so let me know asap if you’re interested and give me your email address and i’ll forward you


I am rather excited to report that on the 23rd July 2010 I will participate in my first exhibition under the art collaboration Explicitly Graphic

If you’re anywhere close by, we would LOVE you to come along and support some local emerging art!! As well as some funky fresh art, we’ve got tunes by DJ MattWaxx, free booz, prizes & giveaways AND ..did i mention the art? great.

plus we’ve managed to secure a bunch of awesome sponsors to help make opening night huuuuuuuge :)

so come along and say batman sent you! (if you want, no one will get it but that’s up to you)

thanks for the support precious people!

31 girls in 31 days! What FUN!

For those of you that havent already heard, 31 girls in 31 days is an art collaboration put together by fellow bubbler Vestque

So far we are up to girl # 16 – (oh oh that’s MEEE!) and things are looking good – an eclectic mix of styles and subjects makes for one very inspiring collection…

Here’s my submission, rock paper scissors

I’m itching to see the next.. 15 girls (yikes, my maths is SHARP huh!)

Congrats Vestque on putting together such a fun and inspiring art initiative. :)

Artists that rock my world♥

I recently did an interview for Takara Gallery in Tokyo, and it forced me to actually compile a list of my favourite artists, which ive been meaning to do for some time for my own persusing pleasure!…

here are the top 5 from the list that i’d like to share with you all in the hope you too will get something from them. in my opinion these artists are pioneers of modern illustration and i simply adore their work. i can only aspire to be in this callibre one day.

Enjoy ♥


1) FAFI…. a french artist who has appeared in curvy, done campaigns for adidas, amoung other things. you can view some of her work here

2) Kat Macleod… this girl is incredible. though many have tried to immitate, her style is unique and can be recognised instantly. she’s done work for just about everyone who’s anyo

Interview with Takara Gallery, Japan

I have recently been collaborating with japanese clothing company and online gallery Takara Gallery

I was lucky enough to be asked to do an interview with them about my work, which you can read here

♥♥ yiippepeeee peee pee weee yahooo (and other assorted noises of excitement) ♥♥

this particular shirt is only available in japan, but if you like the tee design, another version of it is available for sale here on my redbubble page! :)

My Favourite Group: EAT SLEEP DRAW

I have to say, whenever i want to see some absolutely awesome illustrations on here i head straight over to Eat Sleep Draw

Run by Erica and heriart who are amazing illustrators in their own right, the collection has really taken off and is full to the brim with incredible pieces by an absolute shightload of talent artists.

Advice straight from erica and heriart, “Go find your art supplies or dust off your stylus & tablet because it is time to Eat Sleep and Draw” – well said ladies!

So if you’re a bit keen on rad illustration – head on over and check it out.
It’s my faaaaaaaaaaaave right now!



░ [illustrations above: close up of Queen B by artistmind, Textbook Love by tiffatron, Valentine by Danielle Reck, Soft Rain by MoonSpiral] ░

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