Tiffany Atkin

Tiffany Atkin

Sunshine Coast, Australia

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Tiffany Atkin is a graphic designer, illustrator, blogger, cat-lover and self-taught chopstick user… she is writing this in the third person to appear more important.

Inspired by time spent wandering through little Tokyo alleyways, j-pop culture, fashion, colour, inky wisps and splatters, pastel colours, cute craft, patterns, rainy days and dreamy music.

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- A Sugarpop Xmas -

Happy festive season, everyone! x

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All of my pieces are available as cute little wooden wall hangings (below) upon request, email for enquiries :)

a friendly reminder that all artwork, poetry, photography and writing is the property of the artist (oh, that’s me!) and may not be copied or used without the artist’s (me again!) permission. thanks!

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+ Makes copious amount of frantic bird noises at anyone who will listen + / I am now available in a handy twitter format! Feel free to squark at me inanely until my ears bleed and my eyes begin to melt…. can’t wait! / @TiffanyAtkin / :)
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A Bunch of Artists I Adore ♥ 大好き ♥

As an artist I am inspired by so many things everyday – books, music, nature, other cultures (chyeah Japan!), and also other artists. Inspiration is a funny thing, because other’s art can inspire something to stir within your own creative juices but your end result is something uniquely your own. / One of the illustrators that inspired a development of my style from very vector based …
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Thanks Sportsgirl... new illustration!

Morning! …yeah I am aware that this title is very ’Woman’s Day’ in the sense that the headline sucks you into thinking I have somehow scored a gig designing for the wonderful store that is Sportsgirl. “Bec Cartwright’s separation anxiety!”… turns out Leighton’s just off down the shops for some milk. Or going on a tennis tour or something. No s…
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Japan Earthquake: my experiences

Hi all, a big thankyou to everyone for the kind and thoughtful messages. Many of you were worried for my safety, knowing I was living and working in Japan when the super-disaster struck. Fortunately for me, I was in Tokyo at the time of the initial earthquake. I say fortunately because although it was the scariest thing most Tokyo-ites have ever experienced and our ground and buildings shook viol…
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