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“The love of beauty involves a yearning which is not – and perhaps cannot be – fulfilled. For at the core of beauty is a conception of how we would like life to be and yet we know that life cannot be that way. The pleasure of beauty, therefore, draws upon dissatisfaction. If we did not find life difficult, beauty would not have the appeal it does.” John Armstrong, The Secret Power of Beauty: Why Happiness is in the Eye of the Beholder (Allen Lane, 2004, P.85)

For me, the appreciation of the simple beauty in the everyday, the ordinary and even the decaying is a constant and necessary reminder to try and be happy in the moment, to live in the moment and not to worry so much about the big, scary stuff.

This is what I try to capture in my photographs: the simple, uncomplicated beauty of the world and the objects around us, not only in nature but also in some unsual places that often go unoticed. And this is also why I prefer not to stage or manipulate images even though my medium is digital. I simply wish to show the beauty of what already exists for others to hopefully see as I do.

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Ballarat International Foto Biennale

Having attended the Biennale two years ago and seen so much fabulous work I was determined to be in it this time. So I would love any of you who were planning to head up there to drop by my show at Mason’s Cafe & Foodstore at 32 Drummond St North, Ballarat (opposite the hospital). / I’ll be there on the weekends so come and say hello. / Cheers, / Tiffany.
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For any italophiles in the Hobson's Bay area

Below is some info about a festival in Newport, (Melbourne, Australia) for anyone interested in what sounds like should be a fun day. I will be there trying flog some matted prints of recent Italian images. Wish me luck! :) / ‘Carnevale comes to Hobsons Bay’ / On the Sunday April 3, 2011 the inaugural Italian arts event “Carnevale at Hobsons” will come to life in our very own City of …
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