Joined October 2008

Photography is a hobby and part of my creative side.

I created the Ontario group and the Hamilton group and it is my pleasure to host them both since day 1.

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Some of my 2010 features can be found here

Some of the 2009 features are here

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New profile

I opened a new RB profile and graduated from TickerGirl to Ticker . / My old profile remains active but I will not be adding any new images here. / For new photos please visit my new profile . / Thanks / Ticker (Girl)
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Recent sales

I always feel very honored when I find out that someone buys my photos and art. / These are recent sales: / Thank you! :)
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2010 summary

Here is my little 2010 summary on RB: / Most popular image is the same for the second year in a row (over 1200 views): / Some of my 2010 features: / / Happy 2011 everybody! :)
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Rest in Peace Pretty Bird

Znajda the pretty bird, my rescue cockatiel has died last night. / He came into my life suddenly a year and a half ago and he has also left suddenly. / He was absolutely precious, unique and one of a kind. / I hope that wherever he is right now there is no pain, no deformed feet or broken wings. I hope that he is flying high and that he is happy. / I was absolutely privileged to have him in my l…
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