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Though I have been “taking pictures” all of my life, it was not until 2007 that I decided to become serious about photography. I love to find things that most people consider “ugly” and turn them into something beautiful. I love urban exploration, nature, still life… It is hard for me to focus on just one area. From day to day my thoughts change.

I have been featured on many different blogs, had 2 art shows in my local area, and my most proud moment (thus far) was when I was approached by AAA to create images for their new corporate office in Oklahoma City.

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2nd Sale! YAY!!!

Sold another greeting card. I am excited.
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First Sale!

Yay! / I just sold my first greeting card today (“Light Reading”). I was shocked that this happend after only 5 days. WOO HOO!!! / Thank you to all of you who have made comments on my work and encouraged me along the way. I am glad I decided to come back to RB. / Tia
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